Flotsam & Jetsam & Lagan 3


Mixed Media on Paper – Mounted & Framed 48 x 39cm – Image size 25 x 17.5cm

Flotsam is the floating wreckage of a ship, or its cargo or floating debris washed up by the tide. Jetsam and lagan were items thrown overboard to lighten a ship. Lagan was distinguished from jetsam by having a buoy attached so the goods could be found if they sank. Getting rid of flotsam in your home was a virtuous activity even before the pandemic, when lockdowns gave millions plenty of time to take a hard look at their stuff.

This artwork started off life as one experimental screen print. I chopped the paper into four and added collected studio paraphernalia and paint. Referencing the beauty of watery places and unexplored precious environments there is so much more to be discovered and to be done to prevent them from becoming polluted beyond recovery. Making artworks from my studio stuff accords this ‘rubbish’ a place for now, rather than ending up in oceans or rivers.

Growing up in Northern Ireland near Belfast through which the River Lagan flows, the word lagan stirs up memories good and bad and I love that a buoy is attached to prevent sinking. My internal flotsam & jetsam & lagan load is lightened by the peace I experience creating works of art.



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