Childhood Memories


Mixed Media on Canvas 40 x 40 cm

This painting was made using crushed Yorkshire stone, Plaster of Paris, coal dust and pure pigment extracted from rock. Washes of various blues onto the white canvas have created a depth and brightness of hue which excites me. The areas surrounding the blue are like sandy banks and rocky outcrops with marks which could be either contours or man made lines.

The image reminds me of when I lived by the sea and played all day long on the rocks with siblings and friends challenging each other to leap from great heights, and across ravines, cut by the insistent, often violent crashing of the waves making slices through the seemingly indestructible hard jagged rocks.

Many happy holidays in the sun where I grew up meant long languid days stretching for what seemed forever, and when there was never a moment of boredom, living as children as freely as we did then.



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