Spring Has Sprung

Acrylic on Linen 50 x 50 cm

‘Spring has Sprung’, a deliciously loose abstract painting, is inspired by my beautiful town of Ilkley. The blues, purples and pinks of the ancient woodland bluebells sit softly amongst the bright fresh greens of Spring foliage. Water is all around; other blues suggest streams seeping out of the surrounding moors flowing in umpteen little rivulets down into the River Wharfe. The beautiful new fountain at the top of Brook Street, which will be fed by one of these streams (or brooks) has been designed by Juliet Gutch, a talented local artist.
The title settled in my mind as, whilst painting, it reminded me of my lovely father and his saying the verse ‘Spring has Sprung’ every Spring so this painting elicits that joyful feeling, and a smile, that he brought to many in his life.
A favourite of Spike Milliken this old poem is often attributed to E E Cummings or Ogden Nash but was apparently anonymously penned and has many versions. Below is the one I remember with great affection.
Spring has sprung,
De grass is riz;
I wonder where de boidies is?
De boid is on de wing – dat’s absoid,
How can de boid be on de wing when de wing is on de boid?




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