Unknown Destiny

Acrylic on Canvas 91 x 91 cm

A particular walk and a particular waterfall, in grim, wet and grey weather, inspired this painting. The rocks had a purple hue and the short clinging plants shone in the strange light. The rumbling torrential water hitting the rocks was powerful. Depicting the solidity of the rock, the relentless fast falling water and the soft misty spray moved me to think of eternity, where we end up, what and how much we achieve in a lifetime, thus the title. Life does, sometimes, have a way of altering ones’ course and focus.

Water thundering and beating down on the rock, the wind, heat and cold – all weathers contributing to erosion and pebble making, eventually ending up as dust to be recycled over and over again, just like all things on Earth.

Every single rain drop contains a tiny speck of dust which I find a fascinating fact.




If you are interested in any of my paintings and would like to discuss possible exhibitions or commissions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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