Painting makes me happy: it feeds my soul. My work contains the essence of me. I am compelled to create – the joy it brings to me is utterly fulfilling.

I lose myself engrossed for hours and all the everyday stresses evaporate. I love colour and the process and stuff of paint. Immersing myself in and experimenting with different styles keeps my work vibrant and fresh. Some paintings happen easily. Others are a struggle. Each is a gently evolving creation.

I enjoy the freedom and fun of pouring colour onto canvas and watching how the colours mix and merge sometimes controlling the flow, and out of which beautiful shapes and subtle veils of colour appear. From these random marks I develop the image by scrubbing away or adding textural or flat solid colour, re-working other areas until it emerges, complete.

My thought processes during a painting’s creation imbue meaning into each, which is a critical element for success.

  1. Cover Up£900.00
  2. Water, Water, Everywhere£900.00
  3. Morning Mist£350.00
  4. And Then This Happened…£430.00
  5. Fragment (because it was loved)£220.00
  6. No Pink!!!£430.00
  7. CapturedSOLD
  8. EnigmaSOLD
  9. Still SwimmingSOLD
  10. Flying HighSOLD
  11. Whispering ZephyrSOLD
  12. Power & Fury£1,200.00
  13. Beamsley Beacon (Bleak Mid Winter)£500.00
  14. Yonder£295.00
  15. Sweet DreamsSOLD
  16. Moonlight & DancingSOLD
  17. The JourneySOLD
  18. Just for TonightSOLD
  19. Sunset£900.00
  20. Hidden ValleySOLD
  21. All at SeaSOLD
  22. SwaySOLD
  23. DelightSOLD
  24. Wild SideSOLD
  25. Flutter & FlowSOLD
  26. Emerald Sky£210.00
  27. Deep DreamsSOLD
  28. Childhood MemorySOLD
  29. Magical Ancient WoodlandSOLD
  30. At the End of the Day£220.00
  31. Winter ChillSOLD
  32. Gusto£225.00
  33. Glimpse£125.00
  34. Kissing CoastlinesSOLD
  35. Lyrical Landscape£210.00
  36. Secret PlaceSOLD
  37. That Holiday FeelingSOLD
  38. Dreamscape£1,900.00
  39. Calm (Before the Storm)SOLD
  40. Softly, SoftlySOLD
  41. On Top of the WorldSOLD
  42. Unknown DestinySOLD
  43. Soft, Soft, SoftSOLD
  44. Is the Grass Always Greener?SOLD
  45. PlungeSOLD
  46. Night LightsSOLD
  47. Summer Breeze£350.00
  48. Fresh BreezeSOLD
  49. Height of SummerSOLD
  50. Evening GlowSOLD
  51. Summer BlusterSOLD
  52. Love in the LoungeSOLD
  53. One Night Only£600.00
  54. Red Hot CurveSOLD
  55. On the Road AgainSOLD
  56. SoarSOLD
  57. Breezy DaySOLD
  58. Swoop£200.00
  59. CelebrationSOLD
  60. Whoosh!£600.00
  61. ExhilarationSOLD
  62. Last Light£125.00
  63. IdlingSOLD
  64. Wind WhippedSOLD
  65. Fluff & NonsenseSOLD
  66. By the ShoreSOLD
  67. SwishSOLD
  68. Forgotten£295.00
  69. Blow & BlusterSOLD
  70. CascadeSOLD
  71. Blooming BlossomSOLD
  72. In My Daughter’s Head£1,200.00
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If you are interested in any of my paintings and would like to discuss possible exhibitions or commissions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Telephone 07904 656 850


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