April 5, 2021

‘Nuanced’ was an unexpected and welcome commission during lockdown as all galleries are closed and exhibitions cancelled. This customer was keen to have a painting to complement another bought from me a while ago. A bedroom was being created by reducing an adjoining room, to accommodate grandchildren, something I too am now experiencing! The colours chosen by my client are gentle and soothing. I spent a considerable amount of time colour mixing to create exact matches to each of the hues and then layered poured and brushed paint, finally sprinkling pure white pigment powder and Plaster of Paris to add texture.

Mixed Media on Canvas

41 x 31cm




If you are interested in any of my paintings and would like to discuss possible exhibitions or commissions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Telephone 07904 656 850


'Nuanced' was an unexpected and welcome commission during lo...

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This commission was indeed a challenge as I have never creat...

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