Bradford Big Screen in City Park 1 – 31 July 2017

My paintings, with those of four other artists, will be shown on the Big Screen in Bradford City Park 3-16 July at 10.30am and all other days during July at 12.30pm. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to see our work in a completely different setting and for others who may be unaware of our work to view it. A selection has been chosen showing the different styles in which I work.

This is the idea of Colin Neville who promotes Yorkshire artists on his website which has been a wonderful showcase for contemporary artists and those from history.

Check out all the artists work for the July showcase on the link below

Ilkley Arts Christmas Exhibition 2016 – Ilkley Gazette

LIBBY Jubb and Kerry J Stoker are two of the award-winning Ilkley artists who will be selling their work at the Ilkley Arts Christmas Fair at the Back Nelson Road Studio this evening, Thursday, December 8 (5.30pm to 8pm), Friday, December 9 and Saturday, December 10 (10am to 5pm). Please click on the link below to read all about the Ilkley Arts Christmas Exhibition. Arts Christmas Fair 8 – 10 December 2016

Agnes Martin exhibition

Visiting the Agnes Martin exhibition at Tate Modern after Charlotte Johnson Wahl’s riot of colour was a totally different experience. Martin’s paintings, calm, disciplined and ordered hung in a large white space was meditative and equally inspirational. Her thin layers of paint and use or almost lack of colour gives her work an ethereal, spiritual quality. In spite of this apparent restraint she believed in ‘the emotive and expressive powers of art” ‘Without awareness of beauty, innocence and happiness’ Martin wrote ‘one cannot make works of art’.




Calm (Before the Storm)


Acrylic on Canvas 76 x 76 cm

I went for a walk with a friend to find the Badger Stone, one the most impressive of the carved cup-and-ring stones on Ilkley Moor as I had never been there. It was one of those really moody but calm days with a band of grey cloud threatening above but a narrower white streak of sunlight highlighting the other side of the valley. On our quest I looked across at the view with the autumn heather glowing purple nearby and tripped and fell so hard, flat onto the Yorkshire Stone path injuring my hands and knees – my storm! A painful expedition but we persevered and finally found the Badger Stone in the middle of nowhere. This striped grid painting seemed the perfect way to depict this scene and was influenced by Agnes Martin after visiting her exhibition at Tate Modern, London.

Picasso copy – present for a friend

Watching a BBC 4 documentary recently, Picasso: Love, Sex and Art I was reminded of a painting, shown in the programme, that I created for a great friend. I had no idea what to give her for a special birthday but having heard her speak with passion about a painting she had seen at a Picasso exhibition at the Courtauld Institute in London I decided it would be fun to paint her a copy of ‘Harlequin and his Companion’.

The top painting is my copy, the one below, Picasso’s original.

I am pleased to say that she loved her present in spite of it not being the original!




Pablo Picasso (Spanish, 1881-1973)
The Two Saltimbanques (Harlequin and his Companion) 1901 Oil on canvas

Charlotte Johnson Wahl’s exhibition

I visited Charlotte Johnson Wahl’s exhibition ‘Minding Too Much’ at the Mall Galleries on 8th September. It was an exuberant joyful blast of colour and pattern combined with extraordinary sensitivity and acute observation in her rendering of family, friends and commissioned portraits. Her paintings convey a wry sense of humour and an incredible expressive insight into mental conditions from which she suffered over the years. I felt a connection with her as a female artist with children and was engrossed in and delighted by her work.



Ilkley Matters Article

Haigh Simpson of Ilkley Matters magazine interviewed me and the article includes my artist’s profile and a Q&A section.

If you would like to read the full article from the Ilkley Matters magazine, please click here.