ILKLEY ART TRAIL 28 June – 30 June 2019 11am – 5pm every day
April 16, 2019

The Ilkley Art Trail is a wonderful event during which I show all my work in my home. It is always interesting to share how I work with people whom I have never met and with friends and family. It is also, of course, fabulous when I sell my paintings to those who love what I do and who will enjoy my work on their walls for years to come.

There will be a display of work showcasing one piece by each artist to give you a flavour of their artistic practice enabling you to go to the venues to which you feel most connected.

Everyone is welcome to my home – just to share creative knowledge and experiences, or possibly to purchase an original piece of art that inspires.




If you are interested in any of my paintings and would like to discuss possible exhibitions or commissions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Telephone 07904 656 850


Based around the Manchester bee this painting was commission...

This commission was indeed a challenge as I have never creat...

This commission was very interesting - to paint an abstract ...

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